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It's a "Mom" Thing

Its a "mom" thing. Have you ever heard that saying? There are certain things that moms do that only they can pull off. Or certain things happen just because their your mom. I like to believe that my mom is super hero. You know that TV show, Supergirl? Well that is my mom. Mother of five, wife of a football coach, full time educational counselor, part time chauffeur, nightly chef, daily maid, #1 fan and so much more. A sufficient thank you to my mom can't make up for everything she has done for me over my short 20 years of life. Being two hours away, I miss my mom... a lot. I look forward to our weekly phone calls and catching up. I miss walking in from practice and getting a hug simultaneously asking how my day was. I miss home cooked meals and the daily advice I would receive. Growing older I realize how lucky I truly am to have a mom like her. So next time your own mom calls, don't ignore the call or push her aside. Sit down and enjoy talking with your mom, because you never know how long you will get the chance to do it again. Here is a short list of why moms are the true wonder woman of the world. 

1. She is the one who brought you into this world... She can also take you out. 

Lets be honest, carrying us around for nine months is not good on the back. The morning sickness and pains we give before we're even born, I am sure were not fun either. Just say thank you and apologize. 

2. Mom is always right. 

If you ever need advice or don't know the answer to a problem, mom usually knows the answer through her psychic super power. I don't understand it either. 

3. She will be brutally honest with you. 

If you mess up or if you're in the wrong, she will tell you straight up. There is no beating around the bush or sugar coating it, Mom will tell you wether its your fault or not. 

4. She is the one soft spot in your golden armor. 

You may act tough, and act like the big strong man but theres something about a mother's voice that brings you back to reality and is your achilles heel. I will admit that my mom is the one person who can make me break down and let it all out. Its some sort of trance or spell they put on us at a really young age or something. 

5. She is your biggest fan.

No one will cheer louder, get more frustrated, or attend more games than mom. From mid-game snacks, to sitting through weekend tournaments, she is there supporting unconditionally. A thank you cannot suffice. 

6. She won't judge you. 

She most likely will not agree with half the stupid stuff that you do, but she will never judge you because of it. She will tell you what she thinks but ultimately will do her best to guide you and assist in what ever decision you make in your life. 


7. Her cooking. 

I know I am biased, but my mom is the best chef I know. There are so many dinners that she makes than nothing can compare to. She has that special touch that just make it soothing and tasteful. 

8. She deals with your dad everyday.

My mom not only deals with my younger siblings, but she puts up with my dad day after day. He thinks he is a comedian but is actually a kid himself, making it one more person my mom has to look after. 

9. She will love you unconditionally. 

No matter how big your mistake or how high your achievement, the love your mom has for you will never change. She loves you unconditionally and always will. 

10. One day, she may not be there for you to call. 

No matter how lucky we are, we never know what God has planned. Never take time with your mother for granted. Love her with all you have and enjoy every moment spent together. 

Thank you mom. I love you. 

- Kyle Bell