Meet Mariah

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I am from a small town called Portland. It is in the middle of the mitten in between Lansing and Grand Rapids. Fun fact: it is exactly 100 miles from my driveway to Adrian College. My small town is composed of about 4,000 people. With Adrian being as small as it is, it still feels like home, which is why I fell in love with the school so easily. Being only 100 miles from home with about an hour and forty-minute drive, I still keep in contact with my family daily.

Speaking of my family, I have two older brothers, two triplet sisters, and a perfect Siberian Husky-German Shepard puppy. Growing up was interesting with two older brothers constantly picking on me and two sisters my same age. Now that we are older, I cherish all of the memories we made and look forward to when I can see them all again!


Meet Mariah

Hello all! My name is Mariah Kramer and I am a Junior here at Adrian College. I am currently an Accounting major with an Economics minor. 


I’d like to think of my life here at Adrian College as nothing short of busy. I am a member of Alpha Phi International Fraternity where I hold two positions that include running all of our social media accounts and Director of Administration. I am also part of the Campus Activities Network (CAN) and Green Action Club. On the side, I am a member of the Love Your Melon (LYM) group on campus and run that social media too. Besides the clubs I am in, I also work in the Public Relations Department and have sort of taken charge of the social media accounts on campus as well. If you couldn’t tell, social media is kind of my life.


Please feel free to stop me and say hello if you have any questions!!