Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle . . .

Taken at Riverside Park, on the edge of the railway viaduct that overlooks the South Branch Raisin River. Used with the permission of an anonymous friend.


Greetings, everyone! I am Michelle Siegel, a sophomore studying at Adrian College. I am not certain as to what it is that I am studying, mind you, but I will figure it out at some point. Psychology? Journalism? Spanish? Who knows! As it stands, I enjoy being the resident wild-card.

I hail from Trenton, Michigan, a community located 20 miles south of The Motor City. It is often referred to as a part of the “Downriver” area, due to the fact that Detroit's eponymous strait runs along its eastern border. I see it as the love child of the Industrial Revolution and the prototypical suburban paradise - the houses are beautiful and the lawns are well-kept, but the residents work blue-collar jobs, and the local coal plant towers in the skyline.

The story of how I became a student way out here entails a rather complex series of events, but there is only one detail that you really need to know: enrolling at Adrian College was the best decision I have ever made. Since doing so, I have come leaps and bounds from the person I once was. My commitment to this institution has enabled me to forge bonds with my patient coworkers, my understanding friends, and the staff and faculty who have made all of my accomplishments possible. I cherish each and every one of my Bulldog brethren more than words can say.

Nowadays, I live on campus year-round. The Marketing Department has graciously granted me the opportunity to earn a living through promoting the college I love. My main roles at the office include ghostwriting, proofreading, and managing @acbruisergram (which is my baby - you should go and follow it right now). I can also be found running errands, contributing to this blog, waging war with our office’s printer, and reminding Dakota that I am the “Intern of the Year.”

In lieu of discussing goals, hobbies, and other such areas that I am terribly lacking in, here are some "fun" facts about me:

  • My avid consumption of Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts and Pepsi Max provides both Kellogg’s and PepsiCo with considerable publicity. I am still waiting on thank you letters from their respective marketing teams.

  • I do not participate in an official sport. Pokémon Go is an adequate workout, and I can guarantee that it will one day be considered a professional competition. Rest assured, my friends: when that time comes, I will be ready.

  • My "sleep schedule" - if one can even use the term "schedule" to describe such a mess - is completely absurd. I am practically wide awake in the dead of night, but I can nap for hours in broad daylight.

  • My fifty-pound golden retriever mix beats me up everytime I see her, but I love her to pieces. I once hosted an Instagram for her. That is where the concept of @acbruisergram came from, by the way.

If you ever want to talk about @acbruisergram, my dog, or Team Valor, feel free to hit me up!